Boutros builds beautifull custom homes in Houston, Texas

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Boutros Construction Builds Beautiful Houston Homes

New homes are prettier, cleaner, have better kitchens and baths, and are more energy efficient than older homes! 

If you're tired of living in someone else's energy-consuming dream home, Boutros Construction, Inc. can help you build the beautiful custom home you see in your own dreams -- one that incorporates your sense of style and includes the latest energy-saving features. 

Boutros is an energy conscious builder in the Greater Houston, Texas area. We build homes to the highest industry standards. Boutros is a member of the Greater Houston Builders Association, the Texas Association of Builders, the National Association of Home Builder, and the Remodelers Council. 

Check out some of the impressive features of a new home that Boutros Construction, Inc. recently built on Flint River.

Reasons to build now:

  • Land prices are lower than they have been in years -- building lots in highly coveted neighborhoods are available and older homes in prime neighborhood are prices so that it makes it entirely feasible to buy a tear-down for the location of your choice.

  • Skilled workmen are more available.

  • Labor costs are more affordable.

  • Sought after high-end home products are on sale.

  • The economy is on the rebound in Houston and this window of opportunity may not last long.

  • You can help keep the planet clean by building green.

If you're ready to build a new home, Boutros can build the beautiful custom home that you've always wanted.

Please contact Boutros to discus your residential construction needs.

Boutros Construction, Inc.

888 West Sam Houston Pkwy Suite #200

Houston, TX 77042 - Map

Office: 713-587-0000 - Fax: 713-587-0001


New Home Built by Boutros Construction, Inc.

Back Porch" of Flint River home built by Boutros Construction, Inc.

Flint River home interior - Home built by Boutros Cosntruction, Inc.

New Home Kitchen - Built by Boutros Construction.



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Please contact Boutros Construction, Inc. to learn more about these home remodeling projects. We have many more projects, both residential and commercial, that we can show you. We're always pleased to discuss your needs and, of course, provide references and estimates.

Boutros Construction, Inc.

888 West Sam Houston Pkwy Suite #200

Houston, TX 77042 - Map

Office: 713-587-0000 - Fax: 713-587-0001


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